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Hello, I have a BB 7130e. And sometimes when I receive and email, I will ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Emails being sent from blackberry


    Hello, I have a BB 7130e. And sometimes when I receive and email, I will reply to all and send an email back. Now the email that I send, nobody can read. All they get is a bunch of gibberish (or like hiroglyphics) Anybody else have this problem? Is it a setting or something? I use my BB to receive emails from my Hotmail account. Could this be the problem? Thanks for reading and answering.

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    Hi PT, this hppens one in a while, try taking the battery out with the phone on, the device gets low on memeory and a restart alone wont clear as much, I do mine once a week, and hardly ever have an issue.
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    You can also hold down ALT and press lglg. This will bring up your Event Log. Once the Event Log is open, open the Menu window, then press Clear Log. Clear this out once a week or every couple of days and it will help free up memory also.
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