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    Question Different email notification tones?


    OK here is the deal. I just got a blackberry for the first time and still getting familiar with it and what it can do and so on.

    One issue I have though is that there does not appear to be a way for me to change the way I am notified about certain messages. I am a network admin who is responsible for alot of equipment and the idea is that I would like to have certain emails trigger a different sort of tone to notify me.

    If I am sleeping in the middle of the night and an important piece of equipment goes down or something, I will get an email notice. However presently on my blackberry it would be just like any other email. I don't want to wake up every time I get an email at night, nor do I want to miss an important one.

    There has to be a way to do this. Third party app or something? Its such a great tool, but I am afraid if I am unable to mark certain messages to have a special notifier tone then I will likely grow accustomed to just ignoring the blackberry at night while sleeping.

    Any thoughts or helpful insight would be appreciated.

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    Re: Different email notification tones?

    This might be what you are looking for: check out the link,

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