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Greetings to all! I'm at a loss (aka know almost nothing) in regards to BBs ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Device error 322??


    Greetings to all!

    I'm at a loss (aka know almost nothing) in regards to BBs .

    So I figured I would ask those are way more knowledable than myself.

    I just got a 7100r off of ebay......

    turned it on..... and it kept trying to reboot itself. FINALLY it displayed device error 322 I hit the enter key to restart the phone. and it kept rebooting and showing the same error.

    Can anyone out there shed some light on what this error message means. And am I in for some serious headaches?

    Thanks in advance to everyone.

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    Re: Device error 322??

    Gremtech, you may need to reload your operating system. Take a look at this thread to help you through it: How To: ReInstall OS When Computer Won't Recognize The Device Is Connected.

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    Re: Device error 322??

    mmmm that device error message may be caused by a third app installed, try this

    -Resolution 1
    Perform a hard reset on the handheld

    -Resolution 2
    Use Application Loader to erase all third party applications from your handheld.
    1.Connect the handheld to the cradle.
    2.In Desktop Manager, double-click Application loader
    3.Use Application Loader to reinstall the applications on the handheld. Select the erase existing applications option
    4.Do not install any third party applications on the handheld.

    -Resolution 3
    Contact your service provider for reinstall (reflash) the operating system

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    Re: Device error 322??

    Is there a way to get the T-mobile flash upgrade software without have a T-mobile phone number for download authorization. Im using a 7100t with a Cingular Sim. The website only allow T-mobile customers to DL.

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