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So yesterday there was a chat going on in mssgr. Lots of people were in ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    BB mssgr wierd thing


    So yesterday there was a chat going on in mssgr. Lots of people were in there. My phone was lagging terribly so I finally had to exit. anywho when I did my phone locked up for a sec. then i got a very odd java error mssg. I dont remember exactly what it said. I went back to my mssgr and all my contacts were gone. but i had the headers like.. current conversations (it still had the correct number of convos) and my groups were listed with the correct number of people in () next to it however NO names showed in any of those lists. So i rebooted my phone. Well my people came back but when i got a new mssg, i never got a notification. that lil icon didnt show up.

    I fixed it by reinstallin the mssgr software. .but anybody know why this happened or have you seen this before? would being in a large chat really do that. if so.. i think i need a new phone.

    i have the 7100i and the newest software available for it.

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    Re: BB mssgr wierd thing

    might be the large chat factor involved..Or you used up all the memory with the chat session.
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    Re: BB mssgr wierd thing

    Massively large BB messenger chat sessions will cause slowdowns and other problems. It's a good idea to use the clear History menu feature periodically during these types of chats.

    Hope this helps.
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