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What does the "Auto More" function do under E-Mail Options? Just noticed that when I ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    "Auto More" & open e-mails


    What does the "Auto More" function do under E-Mail Options?
    Just noticed that when I get a new message alert, and click on Message icon, the new message is now open when screen comes up. How do I set this so I have to select to Open the read new e-mail? Thanks!

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    Re: "Auto More" & open e-mails

    #1 - Auto-More function is for lengthy emails. I am unaware of the byte length, but there is a cap at which BIS/BES will only delivery the first part of a message. As you scroll to the end of the message, there will be a line across the bottom of the screen with "More 2345 bytes", or something similar. If you scroll further, the BB will "auto-more" by automatically retrieving more of the message. Additionally, if you've opened a message which is not entirely on your BB, clicking the wheel will reveal to additional menu selections: More, and More All. An email could be so long that just a single More would not be enough to retrieve the entire message. Therefore, More All is available.

    However, I only occasionally receive messages which require the More function. And those are very long, and typically messages that are a thread of many replies.

    #2 - I only notice that the message is auto-opened when pulling it out of the holster. I had not yet noticed it auto-opened when merely scrolling to and selecting the Message list.

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