Hello all,
I have been toying around with the Voice Control software that works for the 7130e and cannot get it to function. I purchased it from Handango, it's from a company called Nuance. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, messed with the settings and restored them to default settings. I've checked all of the advanced settings for the phone, set the button to "nothing" as instructed. Nothing seems to get this program to function.

Anyone who has installed this program knows that once it's installed, you click the button and it will beep. You then state the command, "Call [Name]", and click the button again. It should then process and call said person.

Well, I've gotten it to give me the beep, and said my command, but following that the software ceased to function. Nothing happens when the button is pressed and it never followed through with the command.

Has anyone else had any issues with the software from Handango/Nuance? Can anyone shed any light on the subject?

Nuance and Handango do not offer any FREE tech help so I'm really SOL.