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I have been using my Verizon 7130e as a tethered modem on the weekends late ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    7130e Modem Dissconnect Problem


    I have been using my Verizon 7130e as a tethered modem on the weekends late at night so that my girlfriend could have access to her email at my place. At first I thought that she was just having a problem with the bb and was somehow disconnecting the modem, but it just happen to me (so now its real).

    Seems that when I recieve an incoming email the modem hangs up. I just got an email from a workaholic cow-orker on Sunday morning and the modem disconnected after staying connected all night. This can't be right. Is there something set wrong somewhere? I would like to use the modem for my work laptop as well and ditch the wireless card that I presently use, but I get something like 100 emails a day during the week.
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    Re: 7130e Modem Dissconnect Problem

    Anyone with a 7130 able to help on this one?
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    Smile Re: 7130e Modem Dissconnect Problem

    Same problem, same phone, but my carrier is Sprint. PLEASE HELP

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    Re: 7130e Modem Dissconnect Problem

    I wish I could provide assistance but I have a 7100i and dont have the modem capablilities. Someone should be along here shortly and help.

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    Re: 7130e Modem Dissconnect Problem

    I have a 7130e from alltel. I can only make a connection with the BB as a modem. I was able to test if the connection stays active while receiving email, sms, voice. i wish i could have a usable internet connection though. Hope that helps.

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    Re: 7130e Modem Dissconnect Problem

    Using a 7130e from Bell Mobility I am responding to this post using my BB as a tethered modem, in the past 10 minutes I have recieved several emails all while replying to this post.

    Sorry I could not be of more help

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    Re: 7130e Modem Dissconnect Problem

    I had connection issues for a LONG time when I first started using the Verizion software. I had about 6 hours of support call time at several different levels. then, VOILA! Bad news is that they couldn't tell what they actually did.

    Here was my problem (that MAY be related): Sometimes the VZAccess software would see my blackberry and sometimes it wouldn't. For me, I had to startup my laptop, connect my blackberry, start VZAccess, then unplug my blackberry (because VZAccess wouldn't see it. Then I would plug it back in and finally it would see it. Well, if I (and this still happens) disconnect from the VZAccess with the Disconnect button then it won't let me reconnect without restarting the entire computer. HOWEVER, it will let me reconnect if I just unplug my BB, wait for VZA to catchup and to show disconnected then I can plug the BB back in and reconnect.

    Something that took some trouble shooting too was the software itself. Durring my hours of support calls I had installed and uninstalled the software probably 10 times. Each time I would install it I would get one of several different problems and/or situations (some better than others). They were able to determine that there was a "conflict of some sort, but we can't figure out what it is".

    Try this too, connect using the "Connect to" of Windows. Once you install VZAccess it also installs drivers for a "modem" listing called "NationalAccess-BroadAccess".

    On another note, I RARELY get emails that will come through while I'm tethered. Usually they just holdup until I disconnect. Sometimes they come through, but I can't figure out exactly when that is or why. However, even when they do come in I do not get disconnected. I do, however, get disconnected when a call comes through, but that's normal. It can't share data and voice at the same time. Voice requires too much.

    Have I just confused the question?

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