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Hi, I am new to I was referred by my Verizon Dealer. My 7130 ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Question 7130E Acting Weird



    I am new to I was referred by my Verizon Dealer.

    My 7130 E is acting weird. The other the battery wouldn't charge, and then it quit shutting off at night. I have had shutting of each night, it now stays on lights fully on. The time was off the other day. When I turn the phone off it comes back on in about 5 minutes.

    Went to the dealer and they wanted to sell me a Pearl, but, I still like my phone.

    Any ideas or should I just give in and get a Pearl.


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    First, welcome to Pinstack (from another newbie) .. I have the 7130C and my granddaughter just got a Pearl. Frankly, I like my 7130 a lot better (sorry if I offend anyone). The 7130 is just a more solid piece of equipment (only slightly larger) and, so far, I cannot find anything the Pearl can do that mine cannot. In fact, many of the 8100 themes even work on my 7130 (not all but most).
    I even like the trackwheel better than my granddaughter's roller ball thing.

    Did you get it new? If so, take it back immediately and ask for a replacement. If this is not possible, have the dealer upgrade to the latest OS. I did this myself (very easy) but not familiar with the Verizon model so I cannot tell you to do it yourself.

    One more thing: if it's a charging problem, I must tell you that both of our BB's came with chargers that DID NOT WORK (and they're both new in the box units). Can't explain it, but that's the truth. ATT would be glad to replace the chargers, but I would have to pay for shipping the bad ones back to them before they would send the replacement. Phooey on that for a $5 item. Just go to Walmart and get a generic usb charger. Appears that BB chargers are the weakest link. The phones themselves are great, but just get your old Razr charger out and try it before you give up on the 7130.

    Hope that helps a bit.


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