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Hello to all in this group who love their Blackberry devices! I am a new ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    7130c - Keep Appointments Field Missing


    Hello to all in this group who love their Blackberry devices!

    I am a new user of a Blackberry 7130c, which is my first BB device,
    and I just think it is great. I originally purchased it for the
    primary purpose of synching my contacts and calendar from my PIM and
    it does this wonderfully. I don't presently have a need for the
    internet capabilities (I am usually at a computer) so I have not had
    a chance to test those features but I am sure the features will be

    Enough about my usage and now to my question. I want to limit the
    time that my device keeps old appointments in the calendar. The FAQ
    indicates that I should access the calendar options and select
    the "Keep Appointments" field. Unfortunately, there is NO "Keep
    Appointments" field displayed on my device. Does anyone have an idea
    of how to access this field or how to change the time my device
    keeps appointments in the calendar. Thanks in advance to those who
    reply. Peace!


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    Re: 7130c - Keep Appointments Field Missing

    Hello and welcome to pinstack. Sorry for the late response, pinstack has lots of new posts and some get lost in the mix.

    When you go into your calendar open the menu, do you see options? Open options and you should see "keep appointments". Let us know how it goes.

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