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Sorry, if these are dumb questions. I have had my BB for a while now, ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Question 7105t help please


    Sorry, if these are dumb questions.
    I have had my BB for a while now, but I have no clue what all I can do with it. I just use it as a phone and phone book. I have also been able to connect via USB and sync with my outlook.

    :cry: Q1: Why can't I use Bluetooth to connect to my computer? I could very easily do it with other instruments, Nokia, Motorola etc. files, pics, ringtones all with snap.

    :cry: Q2: Can I load my personal pics (use them as wallpaper), & ringtones (what format) via the USB onto my BB? How?

    :cry: Q3: How do I enable it access yahoo mail or other pop mails? What kind of service do I need. I am with T-Mobile.

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    Re: 7105t help please

    ~via BB (
    Q1 - only the 8100 will support bluetooth DUN
    Q2 - easiest way I have found to get pics/ringtones is via the media manager function on Desktop Manager v4.2, but I'm not sure that will work with a 7105t
    Q3 - you need a blackberry data plan. You can then log on to mytmobile and set up your email.

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    Re: 7105t help please

    Rags, Welcome to PinStack.

    Don't know about question 1.

    question 2, Media manager only works with the Pear/8100. You really need to get A BlackBerry data plan from tmo to get pictures and ringtones to your BB easily and the same for question 3.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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    Re: 7105t help please

    I believe you can sync your BB with BT. My corp policy prevents me from doing it. You can search this forum. I remember trying and getting up to the point to recognize my BB via BT connection on the DM. When I try to connect it would not allow and was in lightned text.

    Yes, you really should get a data plan if you want to get wallpaper and ringtones. You can get those also using T-Zones since you are on TMO. I believe that would be cheaper.

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    Re: 7105t help please

    what is block erase 6?

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