Hi everybody,

I am traveling in Europe and I brought my 7100t (unlocked got it on EBAY works fine in the US under Cingular/ATT. I had to register it a while ago and all features and data plan work.) Well after I got out of the plane turn the device on and it says searching for network. It keeps saying that. I went in and searched for local (in Greece now) networks and it found one but it just never connects. I have had many tri/quad band phones and they connect right away when
I turn it back on. The phone usually is GPRS in the US but maybe locally it needs to be something else? Do I need to do something special? No problem with reception. Do I need to switch it off GPRS? in the about pae says 7100t GPRS.

Any help would be much much appreciated. I am having blackberry withdrawal.
I did a quick board search but I did not see anything of a solution.