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Alrighty folks, I have banged my head against the wall long enough. I have been ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Smile 7100i can it be used as a modem?


    Alrighty folks, I have banged my head against the wall long enough. I have been trying to get my 7100 to act as a modem to my laptop, but to no success. I had a chat with Sprint/Nextel and they said "We do not support the use of that phone as a modem, nor will we ever support it. You are required to purchase a $150 pc card if you want internet on your laptop." Before that statement this lady made I was ok with it not being possible, but after she said that with her snobby tone I was straight pissed.
    So I would like to prove her wrong, I have spent some considerable amount of time and resources toward this issue. I have concluded that it is far beyond me and I am hoping to get a helping hand here. Thanks for listening, appreciate it.

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    Re: 7100i can it be used as a modem?

    I haven't tried with my 7100i yet, but I do question her.blanket statement. My previous phone, an i90c was set up for use as a modem for my laptop. What it required was a data package that used the phone's second line. When you signed up for the service, you also had to purchase an accessory package.that included a cable to connect the phone to the computer's serial port and a disk with proprietary dialer software because the Windows dialer couldn't control the phone. So they may not provide this service for the BB, but unless they've dropped this service in the last 3 or 4 months, buying a pc card is not the only option. As for the 7100i, have you checked RIM's website for remote dialer software? Come to think of it, isn't there a company (Shark Modem?) that provides just such a dialer? The disadvantage in bootlegging connectivity is that it will count against your voice minutes whereas the "official" utility did not (I assume that's why it used the second line).

    ~via BB (

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    Re: 7100i can it be used as a modem?

    I heard that on the Sprint side the new 7130 can be used as a tethered modem, so hopefully Nextel will allow the same... I would love to swtich to the Sprint side, but not worth losing the DC option...

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    I have personally had two chats with nextel, the first they said yes i could do that and no extra charges as i have the unlimited plan, then another in which as above they said no dice not now but if you switch to sprint we'll be happy to assist you, they never give straight answers at nextel anymore, not since the merge, must have fired all the nextel

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    To use a nextel blackberry as a modem, you will need to use

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    Hopefully at the end of the year we will see the 8520, or so rumored, and that will have EVDO phone as modem speeds.

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