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    World mode with the BlackBerry 8830


    (Via "It's been an involuntary ritual I've performed countless times in the last couple of weeks - my eye settles on the polished black of Telecom's BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, looking for that red pulsing light that indicates a new email message has arrived.

    The BlackBerry is like a bookish travel companion, always ready to divulge some new insight. When using it, the concept of logging-on to check email goes out the window. The device, from Canadian firm Research in Motion, functions primarily as it did back in 2004 when I trialled one of the first BlackBerrys to be offered by Vodafone.

    The whole experience centres around push-email technology which uses GPRS mobile data to dribble copies of email from a server to your phone as it arrives at the server."

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    Re: World mode with the BlackBerry 8830

    Another thing I really like for convenience if you were to issue either the Sprint or the Verizon one to your user is that the Sprint one automatically comes with the SIM card making the changes to international calling a seamless task whereas the VZW one you need to get an additional SIM card to the user and more than likely with most users I've delt with they don't usually call until they realize they're not getting service where they are traveling at.

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