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Tell your Verizon rep that the code that needs to be added to the account ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Re: VZ Navigator For 8830 on 11/8 !!


    Tell your Verizon rep that the code that needs to be added to the account is all the way at the bottom of the page...

    She was reading her "VZ Navigator" instructions page, telling me that it didn't look like there was anything they need to do, and then she said "Ohh, the code I need to add to your account is all the way at the bottom of the page"

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    Re: VZ Navigator For 8830 on 11/8 !!

    What I have:
    BB 8830 from Verizon Wireless.
    Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

    After several days, I finally got my VZ Navigator to work. I appreciate reading everyone's comments, tips, and frustration over trying to get this thing to work, so I will tell works.

    I am running my BB on BES with Corporate email AND personal email (yahoo, gmail, etc.) also running on the device. The end-result is you do not have to keep 3rd Party applications off of the device when trying to run it, but I highly recommend it until you actually get it working. I also have TeleNAV installed on my BB and I am using a 3rd Party bluetooth pocket GPS receiver device that works perfectly on the BB with TeleNAV. You can purchase the Freedom Keychain GPS device for $89 from crackberry-dot-com. In fact, the BB comes with Google Maps and BB Maps, both of which use the pocket GPS receiver very well. I really like the features of TeleNAV much better than VZ Navigator, including the 3D views, but the VZ Navigator is all-in-one and does not require the GPS receiver device. VZ Navigator also works indoors and in underground garages (more than likely due to cell tower triangulation), whereas the other apps require a clear view of the sky. I will also tell you I used the VZ Navigator product for several months on a Samsung u740 flip phone and I liked what it offered in a compact device with no external GPS device.

    Since I was conviced GPS navigation worked on the BB, it was time to get VZ Navigator to work. So, I launched VZ Navigator and it still didn't work. I deleted and reinstalled VZ Navigator a few more times, pulled the battery, and still no luck. With a Verizon engineer on the phone after several phone calls to tech support, I did a backup/WIPE/restore of my BB...still no luck.


    NOTE: I'm not going to go through the steps since they are clearly outlined in earlier-posted threads on here. Make sure Verizon has VZ Navigator activated on your account before proceeding.

    Do the upgrade to and R2 of the service pack from the vzam site (forgive me, I don't remember the entire URL).

    I tried everything, including trying to change Keystroke Injection and Browser Filter from DENY to ALLOW, with no luck. I asked my BES Admin to grant me permission to use those features in my own individual BES profile and it immediately let me change them to Allow, with the exception of the PHONE setting, which still defaulted to PROMPT (quickly fixed when I went into the permission settings again and changed it). You may have to create a separate profile if you need to administer several BB 8830s with VZ Navigator. Either way, it's pretty simple and there are several .pdf files out there that a simple google search will find for making the change in BES.

    Do all of the recommended changes in OPTIONS/ADVANCED OPTIONS/GPS and change to Device GPS and Location On.

    If you installed and deleted VZ Navigator from the BB itself, plug your BB into your PC/Laptop and run the newest BB Desktop Manager. Select Application Loader and uncheck VZ Navigator from the list. This will REMOVE the application from your BB....YOU WANT TO DO THIS. In other words, let Desktop Manager remove the application COMPLETELY for you.

    FIFTH and final step:
    Using the BB browser, "Get" the VZ Navigator application one more time. Don't worry about the set permission option on the initial download...leave unchecked. Download the application and then launch it when it completes. You will get prompted to change the permission settings. I think I nearly fell out of my chair when the PHONE prompt was set to ALLOW in big, bold letters. Finally, the application started and didn't drop off the initial green VZ Navigator screen.

    It now works perfectly....even indoors. I believe the trick was uninstalling it from the newest BB Desktop Manager and not from the BB alone, and then reinstalling it from the BB browser.

    The jury is still out on whether I'll actually keep the application. I like the fact that I don't have to have a fob on my keychain. Although it's not big, the device runs for about 9 hours on a single charge and it came with a cigarette lighter adapter and a USB cable to recharge/use it. I haven't tried it yet, but I believe you can use the GPS fob with a laptop and 3rd party software like MapPoint for more detailed turn-by-turn GPS and tracking, if necessary.

    However, for simple navigation and business searches, along with storing locations, address, favorites, etc, VZ Navigator seems to work pretty, I do not work for Verizon Wireless, but I do like Verizon's cell coverage better than Next-To-Hell and Stinkular.

    One final thing I noticed.....the previous build of VZ Navigator I downloaded was 2.9.8 Build 140. The version I downloaded that finally works is 2.9.8 Build 220.
    Good luck.
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    Re: VZ Navigator For 8830 on 11/8 !!

    Yeah 2.9.8 Build 20 works.... still has a miserable memory leak.
    Anyone know of an ETA on a newer build?
    10 bucks a month on this hog is making me consider switching to Google 2.0.0 and just use their new My Location feature instead...

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