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have you guys tried putting your files in MP4 format. that works for me, but ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Re: video on 8830?


    have you guys tried putting your files in MP4 format. that works for me, but i have the 8800 with att&t. I'm not sure if that matters or not....

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    Re: video on 8830?

    After doing extensive research on trying to figure out how to convert videos in a simple and very fast way, I was able to figure a simple and quick solution of converting videos for the BB Verizon 8830 version. Verizon video requirements are different then Sprint, etc.

    These simple steps including FLV's to the verizon 8830.

    Blackberry video converter does not work with the Verizon version which is confirmed on their page.


    1. Download Super by eRightSoft and Install
    > Extremly simple and very powerful video converter (does PS3, PSP, IPOD etc) and best part is that it’s FREE

    2. Apply the settings these settings http in the super program.
    > Right click to export the settings to a file afterwards if you'd like to save them.

    3. Drag video files to the files pane and click encode. That’s it.
    > You can eliminate a few additional steps such as saving the file. If your BB is connected and appears as a drive letter, right click on the super screen and select output file saving management and select your BB drive and video folder so that is converts directly.

    Note, you can also drag FLV files which are flash video files most commonly used by youtube etc... With most websites, when you're viewing a video the FLV file is copied to your browsers temp folder. To locate the temp folder in IE 7, open IE 7 and click Tools >> Internet Options >> Settings >> View Files >> sort by size and you should see the file. When viewing the video, you have the wait until the caching bar completes for the above file to appear.

    BTW, this app has just about any codec out there so no need to install separate codecs etc.

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    Re: video on 8830?

    I too have an 8830 (verizon) No GPS/ have to pay $15 for the tethering to be used as a modem... now the GPS is supposedly fixed, but I believe only for their GPS Service... anyway... I too have converted several FLV files to mp4 for my blackberry... for Video and put a ton of music from flash audio sites to mp3 on it... seems to work great... I will have to get the site I used and post it for the converter for the video. I downloaded the Firefox add-on Download Helper... it finds any files video or audio that can be downloaded and saves them to a file (you name them what you want, but be sure to put the .mp3 extension on the downloaded file)... then for audio you just load them via the Desktop manager from the download helper file that the Firefox Download Helper created. when you browse in the desktop manager under files... you will find the 'download helper' file. As far as video... I use the Firefox Dowmnload helper, then convert them with a free 'iPod video converter' that I found... which allows me to browse them and select them from my Download Helper File, then converts them and stores them to a desktop file I created "Video". I then run them through the BB Desktop Manager for a final conversion and it has worked great... I have only used it for one flash from Youtube (excellent job) and one full concert video that was also a flash (I beleive) Excellent as well... I will play around with videos to let you know how they work out... GOOD LUCK! John

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