I just returned from 10 days in Germany and Cyprus with Verizon's 8830 World Phone. I found that the phone worked very well, with these issues.

1. The calling card never worked, either in Frankfurt or at the hotel in Cyprus. After dialing the local access number, I got a message that the card was not valid. I ended up calling the global support number on the phone and having the tech call me back on a landline.

2. In both countries, the phone hooked up immediately to the Vodaphone network, with the network setting at "global." Once outside the airports, however, again n both countries, it began roaming between Vodaphone and local carriers. This was solved buy switching the network mode to "GSM" and manually choosing Vodaphone. I've seen comments on this forum of this happening elsewhere, but the manual setting fixed the problem for me. I do not know why it happens.

3. On one day, the data service stopped working. After a call to the support network and a return call on the hotel's landline, I had to pull the battery and reboot the phone. This cleared up the problem.

Overall, the phone did everything I wanted. Call quality was excellent. Emails worked quickly, and I had access to the Internet. I had complete coverage from a Cypriot village to rural sections of Germany.

At the conference I attended in Cyprus, there were a few people with Windows Mobile 6 devices who complained of slow response and frequent reboots. They were impressed with the Blackberry.

There is a learning curve if you're coming from a Windows device. It's not steep, but it's worth spending some time with the manual and updating the OS before going overseas. I think Verizon is still working out some kinks in their global service, but I'm quite happy overall.