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Unfortunately your problem does not have anything to do with your SIM, but with your ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Unfortunately your problem does not have anything to do with your SIM, but with your phone model. Basically, the 8830 is equipped to handle GSM frequencies of 900/1800, which is the frequency used in Europe and other locales outside of North America. Whereas, the North America GSM frequency is 1900. So your 8830 doesn't even pick-up the frequency that is emanated by cell towers in North America. On the other hand, the Blackberry Tour is equipped with multi-frequency capability. You can look at these comparisons at, compare the "Wireless Network" specifications for both phones.

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    I had the VZW 8830 WE, verizon unlocked the device before i sold it so i could possibly make more money on it. The Tech told me something was built in internally to not allow Domestic / State-wide GSM to be used when a VZW Signal was detected. Dont know if that was just fluff, but i never left the country to see if it worked.

    The New VZW BB's have a SIM slot to put any SIM after you unlock it, to be used on any Network...
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    All Major US Carriers have the phone for sale, but you have to either find it on ebay or from the provider. AT&T sold the 8800 while it was still Cingular, you could find that phone on ebay, and you can have it unlocked. As far as the Sprint/Verizon 8830, it allows roaming to take place anywhere on Earth even if you don't want to have a Sim-Card in it, but the roaming charges are ridiculous in some countries. Thats why it is called the World Edition because you don't have to have a Sim Card to use it overseas. But to use that, you'd have to switch the mobile network from 1xEV to Global, not to GSM.

    But if you want to use it for like another domestic CDMA Network like U.S. Cellular or MetroPCS, you'd have to get the phone flashed over (Metro offers that service for $40 in some markets, better than buying a garbage phone that they offer for over $100).

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