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Hi Everyone… I am going in for a little surgery on my vocal cord and ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Smile Talking Blackberry 8830?


    Hi Everyone…

    I am going in for a little surgery on my vocal cord and one of the issues is that I can not speak a word for 7 days. I would be very interested if anyone has an idea of how I could type words into my BB and have it speak them for me.

    I was thinking translation software but they only seem to say certain phrase’s and only in another language!

    Let me know if anyone has run into software like this.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Re: Talking Blackberry 8830?

    Hey Harnak, welcome to the stacks

    I not sure about software, but AT&T has a site you can type in something and it will spit out a wav file of the phrase. It's located here:

    Maybe you can type out some common phrases save them to your media card and just play them from your BB when you need to?

    Good luck, hope the surgery goes well

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    Don't know of any, but I hope everything goes well with the surgury.

    ~via BB (

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