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I've had my blackberry 8830 for a little over a month and it has worked ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Strange problem with SMS Texts


    I've had my blackberry 8830 for a little over a month and it has worked fine. All the sudden yesterday when I looked at it, all my SMS Texts and Call logs were cleared. Now- when I try sending a SMS Text, it sends, but then disappears several minutes later when I go back in to my messages. I'm confused, help!

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    Hi Deep, this is a common issues known as a memory leak, DO you have a Memory card? If so make sure you have a memory card and you are putting any Music and pictures on the memory card. Also take the battery out of the phone for about 5 seconds once a week, this allow all the open stuff to close just like a computer, when you go to leave a program hit menu and select close, do just use the back button or the red end call key, You can hold the ALT key and Type LGLG, this will bring up and error log that can be cleared as well.
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    Everytime I text, browse or play a game for over five minutes I'm having to do a hard re-boot (remove the battery) several times a day just to have my SMS & Call log back in service. I have found the link to do a hard re-boot without removing the battery but since I was at work I couldn't download it to the computer since I was on a company computer. I have just tried the Alt+LGLG and erased the log there, hopfully it wll make my Berry act like new if not better for alittle while. Gracias!

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