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So I am kinda new to this whole forum thing so bear with me. I ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Something strange with my 8830


    So I am kinda new to this whole forum thing so bear with me. I found that after my first phone was updated with the latest software, a strange side effect emerged. When I am in the media player, I sometimes (not all the time) can start a file and suddenly stop it, restart it and it will replay at about 5 times LOWER than what it did before. Also, I can play a ringtone in the media player at full volume and it's obsenely loud. However, when I asign a ringtone at the loudest profile at full volume, it may be a third as loud. My second phone is doing the same thing as my first. I also am kinda guilty of playing around with the Plazmic theme creator. Could that have anything to do with it?

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    Re: Something strange with my 8830

    I don't think the theme creator has anything to do with your ringtones playing lower when assigned than when in media player. I believe that is just inherent to the BB...the latest OS release is supposed to give your ringer a % boost, but at the same time...if your ringtone was created at a low setting...chances are it will "ring" at a low setting as well.

    Not sure about the sound of the file you play before and after restarting it. Haven't had that problem at all.

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