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Hello, One of my BB users is having issues with a BB 8830 (Verizon is ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Replacing defective Blackberry 8830



    One of my BB users is having issues with a BB 8830 (Verizon is the carrier). Verizon has sent us a replacment phone as they think the phone is damaged goods. Verizon sent us a bare phone and stated that we just need to migrate the battery and SIM card. I am having a difficulty in determining the best way to get the new phone set up. We use BES and this user already has a functional BES account.

    If I just migrate the SIM and battery, will the BB simply continue working? or do I need to migrate the SIM/battery and then re-activate the BES account? I'm a newbie with BB and BES so I'm just trying to get the replacement phone functional with minimal downtime for the user. If anyone can provide me with some direction, I would appreciate it greatly.

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    Re: Replacing defective Blackberry 8830

    Get the new phone on verizon's network (dial *228 option 1, hangup, dial *228 option 2) then the new blackberry will have to be activated on your BES.
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