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I updated my OS from to for my Sprint 8830we to be able ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Profile Probs Since OS Upgrade


    I updated my OS from to for my Sprint 8830we to be able to access Sprint TV and I can now! (Thanks Hyphen)

    The only issue I've seen (so far) with the upgrade is my Profiles. My profiles was one of the things I backed up before upgrading and now it appears that my Loud Profile (the one I generally use) is the only one that is functional. If I try to use my Vibrate, Normal, Quiet, Etc they do not work.

    For ex:

    If I attempt to use my Vibrate Profile, the phone will not vibrate. The LED notification will just blink. If I go into the Advanced Options and attempt to Edit any profile other than the Loud it will not accept the changes made after saving. Any ideas? Please help as I miss my Vibrate and other options now also. Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds to me like a glitch I may be wrong but if you dint find a fix maybe reloading the OS will fix it.

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