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Originally Posted by mDRagON- What is the profiles Database used for. This one will not ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by mDRagON- View Post
    What is the profiles Database used for. This one will not back up and I would like to remove it. I want to do a fresh install after a wipe and like not to lose all my goodies.

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    The profiles database is where all the ringtones, sounds and alerts are stored for phone, emails, sms, etc. In other words, it's the database behind your Profiles icon.

    There is a corrupt file of some sort in there. You can selectively restore your device in the DM through the Advanced function in the Backup/Restore application. When you go in there, it will load up your device database on the right side of the split window, then you can move each database over to the left side, in essence choosing that DBs you want to backup onto your PC. You can also highlight the Profiles database there and if you press the Clear button, it will clear out that database in which case you will be starting from scratch.

    Unless you can debug the database to determine where the corruption lies, you might want to either clear it via the method described above, or reload the OS. Could be a ringtone you downloaded recently, though.

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    Thanks for the info RoGro, I will just clear it and redo the ringtones. I just like a full backup so I can wipe and reinstall the OS from scratch.

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