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I ported my number over from verizon to my sprint 8830. That worked fine but ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Number porting question


    I ported my number over from verizon to my sprint 8830. That worked fine but the the phone number that is displayed as my number on my phone stills displays the old number. So that when I reply to text messages it puts the old number as the number that sent the text messages. Is there anything I can do to change this.

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    Re: Number porting question

    Whats the old number? I mean if you ported your number from vzw, the number you had there would be the number on your 8830, so is there another number that used to be associated with that phone?
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    Re: Number porting question

    You need to complete the CDMA programming on the device. Call Sprint ask for your device's unlock code and IMSI_I number.

    To get into the programming menu the dialing pattern from the "Phone Screen" is as follows:
    ##XXXXXX and then press "Enter"
    NOTE: xxxxxx = 6 digit unlock code

    Once in the Programming Menu, make sure your Mobile Directory number is the 10-digit local number (your phone number that people use to call you) and that the IMSI_I number is the ported number Sprint has obtained from your previous service provider (Verizon).
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    Re: Number porting question

    If you want to bypass the morons at Sprint BB support that will take 30 minutes to reach, then another 30 minutes to understand what you are needing, shoot me an email with your phone number and the ESN HEX off of the BlackBerry.

    The HEX can be found by going to Options-Status.

    I can pretty much instantly shoot you over the correct programing information.

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