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How much smaller is the Qwerty keyboard on the 8830 than those on previous RIM ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Re: Not so thrilled with 8830


    How much smaller is the Qwerty keyboard on the 8830 than those on previous RIM devices? I used a 7510 for a long time, and even with my big, fat thumbs I didn't have any problems.

    Does anyone regularly use a Bluetooth keyboard? I spend most of my time in the office these days, and my current BB (only until my Sprint 8830 arives!) is a 7100i, and I haven't really embraced SureType. If I need to type more than a modest amount, I use the keyboard.

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    Re: Not so thrilled with 8830

    Quote Originally Posted by Seanmtx
    Oh the shennangians!!

    Anyone wanna buy my 8830??

    I'm going to hold out for that camera!!!!

    Please?? I'll sell it for $11.
    I'll take it! Business people don't need a camara. If I wanted to take pictures I would use a real camara anyway. It works in both the US and in Europe and I don't have to turn it over to security or leave it in the car when I go to into a R&D tech center. This is great, RIM has not given up on the users that put them on the map.

    Didn't you realize it didn't have a camara when you bought it?
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    Re: Not so thrilled with 8830

    A couple of issues with this thread and why I would go with the 8830 over the Curve. Please stop talking about the camera, first off. It's a 2 MP camera with no great features so I don't get why everyone is so fired up over a less than average camera function. Second the Curve is from AT&T which means that you will get the joy of using the slower EDGE/3G network and if you want to make the argument that 3G is faster than EV-DO, please PM me and we can do speed tests to end that argument. I don't consider the 8830 as a shiny toy, just as a toy that actually works like it's supposed to. Everybody seems to want all the bells and whistles but when you find a device like that, how often do all those whistles work like you want them to. Not very often.

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    Re: Not so thrilled with 8830

    ~via BB ( personaly own the 8703e from sprint and I love it, I jumped from palm treo 650, I hardly used the camera, I got one for my wife and she just loves the bb, now my son jumped from treo to bb and he thinks it awesome, I tried to play with 8830 from sprint and I didn't like the trackball maybe it is just me, my thought is you buy product that suites your purpose, just like I wouldn't get iPhone cause I don't listen to music when I'm working, that's why every gadget that rim puts out has its own purpose and you can not compare them. Just my thought

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