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First off I would like to say hello to all the fellow stackers. I recently ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    New 8830 user.


    First off I would like to say hello to all the fellow stackers. I recently purchased my BB 8830 after a co-worker got a 7700 series BB and introduced me to the M.E.A.T. (Mobile Enterprise Access Terminal lol). I moved from a UTStarcom PPC 6700 running WM5. I liked the built in WiFi and all but the internet was all but useful on it. ALl the bloatware for WM5 devices usually sucked too. The 8830 was like a breth of fresh air.

    Although I am growing accustomed to my BB there are still a few things I am missing from my PPC6700. I had Resco Audio Recorder where I could record all my phonecalls. That proved a huge help when I had a business partner try to take over the business. What would be a good replacement for that. I mainly would like to choose which calls to record and such. Also it would be almost nessecary that they store on the sd card. I have searched ad found quite a few to tell you the truth. I just don't know which one is "best"

    The other thing I really miss is my Pocket E-Sword Bible software. I have heard really mixed reviews of the Beiks for BB. Are there any other options out there?

    Also just for people searching. I have service through Cellular South in Jackson, MS. I don't care what the customer service tells you the GPS in the 8830 World Edition from Cellular South DOES WORK. It takes a while to get signal but it does get a signal from the satellites not from the cellular network. I was told by almost everyone at Cellular South that it was "not implemented on the network yet". I find it funny that I went into BB maps (which was preloaded on the 8830) and choose "start GPS" and it found my location without me entering it in.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts soon. I do believe I am soon to be a full convert and be a crackberry addict.


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    Re: New 8830 user.

    welcome to the stacks i dont have any answers for you but someone will come along soon

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