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okay so first of all i got my 8830 off of ebay the phone was ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Question help :[!


    okay so first of all i got my 8830 off of ebay the phone was excellent. i've had it for a couple of months.. last night i take it out of my pocket to check it and it was off i tried turning it back on and most the time it would but the hour glass would just turn and turn forever so i ended up taking the battery out again. few hours later i try again and it turns on but i can't press any buttons at all. i can see i have text but i cant press anything but my scrollball does work. So i go to sleep wake up and it and it still doesn't let me press anything but 20 minutes later i get a call and it let me answer it, after that it worked fine every button worked i could text and everything. just now it stopped working again. it'll turn on and everything looks fine but i can't press anything. i have dropped the phone like twice but it was a few weeks ago so if it's because of that why would it stop working now? is there anything i can do :[? i don't have insurance or anything.

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    Did you install any new 3rd party apps? Sometimes that can cause it to act weird. If not backing up your handheld and doing a wipe may help getting rid of whatever software bug may be in there. I'm sure someone else will come along that has more insight with other suggestions. ~via BB (

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    If you have been using desktop manager regularly you could re-sync with the database from just before your problem started. Keep in mind that when doing this you will loose everything you have added since then (appointments, contacts, etc).

    As far as no insurance is concerned, I'm only familiar with Sprint, so if you have 'em you don't really need it. You can go to a service and repair center (find the closest one via They will troubleshoot for free, and at most charge you $50 for repairs (unless the damage is because of water or obvious impact abuse). This will not give you a replacement unit or refurbishment, just gets your current one repaired. My local center I have dealt with is very good and straight in letting their customers know what needs to be done and no charge if the repairs are declined.

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