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Hi folks. First post. Love the community. I love my 8830 via Sprint and heavy ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Google Maps My Location - Keep GPS, but Turn Off Triangulation


    Hi folks. First post. Love the community.

    I love my 8830 via Sprint and heavy user of Google Maps and love the MyLocation feature (the blue dot showing where I am).

    I would like MyLocation to use my built in GPS only.

    As I understand it, when the GPS reception isn't good enough, Google Maps will revert to using cell tower triangulation. In this case, my blue dot reverts to a blue dot within a large light blue circle. When using GPS, MyLocation is very accurate (10s of feet if not better). When using triangulation, it's so so (within 2km; sometimes totally wrong).

    Anyone know how I can turn off triangulation? I find triangulation so imprecise and utterly annoying, I'd rather have GPS only or nothing at all.

    Any help appreciated. Anyone else looking for this feature or only me?


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    You might want to check your advanced settings in your options menu. You can change your GPS options in there. Not sure if that will carry through to Google Maps but it might. Hope that helps.

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    I'm not sure if it's still available but there WAS a Google Maps version without the "my location" and Google Maps with My Location is still in beta test I think - try here:
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