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I just reloaded my 8830 for the 3rd time this week due to the spinning ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Question Facebook issues


    I just reloaded my 8830 for the 3rd time this week due to the spinning hourglass on the main screen and the phone would not respond. But, every-time I reload the system my Facebook app works for 1hr getting notifications in my bb message box and fb app by the way I am running v1.7 and my o/s from Sprint and then I would continue to get the SMS message that someone left me a message but when I check the FB app the message box says empty but if I go to the mobile site is shows me the message so I am not sure if I have a memory leak but I have removed the FB program again and it worked for the last hour now it is back doing the same sh**t and I am getting tired of it.

    I checked the bb fan forum on fb and they were complaining about the samething but the fixes that they posted did not work for me but they gave me the work around which is setup the sms feature as a fail safe 2 show I have messages on FB

    Help Stackers!!!!

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    The last couple of updates of the facebook app have been big fails. It hangs up my 8830 constantly.
    I found the mobile web page to be more usefull than the app anyway.

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