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So I was installing the beta 4.5 and in the middle of it it says ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Did I break my phone?


    So I was installing the beta 4.5 and in the middle of it it says a "Fatal error occured" and I had to pull the battery. Upon booting and plugging it into my computer again, it isn't recognized. It shows on the screen next to the battery that it's plugged in for a couple seconds, then the plug-in icon goes away. Every time. What'd I Do? =(

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    Try this thread and see if it helps. Don't freak out it can be fixed I am sure. Before you do anything else go into c/program files/common files/research in motion/app loader and run the loader from there and see if it will recognize your device.

    If none of that works try and uninstall Desktop Manager and then delete the c/program file/common file/research in motion folder. Delete the OS and reboot your PC. Reinstall everything and reboot again. Once rebooted connect your BB and open Desktop manager. One of these 3 solutions should work if not post back and someone will get you going.

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