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I'm on my 2nd 8830 on Verizon since Feb, 08. This issue is that I ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Call Volume issues on VZ 8830


    I'm on my 2nd 8830 on Verizon since Feb, 08. This issue is that I will be on a call and suddenly, the volume drops and I can bearly hear the caller. I can faintly hear them talking. Its almost if the headset feature had been engaged, but the headset is not plugged in.

    This tends to happen on long calls. I will fiddle with the mute button, volume buttons, etc and sometimes that will take care of it. But yesterday, I had to ask the customer to call me back.

    On the first phone, I had the phone 3 weeks before it started to happen. This phone I've also had it 3 weeks and it started to do it 4 days ago.

    I took it to Verizon yesterday & they told me it was the network. The tech reset the phone and downloaded the latest software. I just think its funny that both phones started to have the same issue 3 weeks after i got it.

    anyone else having this issue?


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    I have had my 8830 since release, never had that issue, but see if it resolves itself after you had updated OS installed.

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