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I own 2 formerly verizon BB World Edition phones. where I am at there is ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Question BB 8830 World


    I own 2 formerly verizon BB World Edition phones. where I am at there is no verizon service unless I walk about 30 feet out in the ocean, then I get great service. this is due to a small hill that blocks my home. verizon and I have talked, MANY MANY times, they say that their service is fine, and I say that no internet and maybe 2 phone calls coming in a months time doesn't constitute great service....
    so I want to go to some other method of service with these 2 phones... I paid cash for them both, there is no monthly plan on them. so is there are way to get a sim card for them and use them in the usa? or change something? or get a new provider? the providers that I knew had this phone said no? so any ideas? help? etc? thanks a bunch......
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    ask me
    im pretty sure you should be able to unlock them and use them on any carrier...
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    CDMA phones like 8830 can't be unlocked.
    I have heard rumors thay Sprint can flash a Verizon phone to their system but I have no documented confirmation. All you could do is go to Sprint store (corporate store, not a reseller) and ask.
    Even so this might not help you. You just might be in a CDMA dead zone. It happens.
    You can try the Verizon femtocell if you have broadband internet at home but that only helps for phone calls, not data service like email or web.
    You may have no choice but sell them and get GSM phone like 8820 or 9000 or 8900 with ATT or TMO service. But no guarantees, that same hill could block GSM just as it is blocking CDMA, since carriers often share the same cell towers for their service antennas.
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