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Hi, I have some software issues with my 8830 that I'm hoping to address with ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    8830 USB/Find/Reminder problems



    I have some software issues with my 8830 that I'm hoping to address with the latest firmware (I'm running However, after downloading the latest device software ( I believe), I'm not able to install it on the phone as the USB connection isn't recognized by the BB Desktop Manager. The PC acknowledged the new USB device, but the BB Desktop Manager only gives me a "device not found" message when I disable Bluetooth!?

    The 8830 also asks me if I want to turn on "Mass Storage Mode" after plugging in the USB cable, further indication that the phone and the PC are "talking".

    Any advice?

    BTW, the software issues I have is that the "Find" feature in MemoPad does not work after a sync until I add another memo (like the index gets wiped out and needs to be rebuilt), and when I get a reminder and want to change the date and/or time after selecting "Open" on it, it takes me back to the menu screen after clicking on either date or time and moving the track ball.


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    Re: 8830 USB/Find/Reminder problems

    Once you connect the BlackBerry (and Windows has recognized the device), run Desktop Manager and then (assuming version 4.3.x) click Options --> Connection Settings, and then click the Detect button.

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