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I just picked up an 8830 used off of a guy. He wiped the handset ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Question 8830 ringtones and notifications stumpper problem


    I just picked up an 8830 used off of a guy. He wiped the handset and in the process wiped out all of the ringtones. This stopped me from being able to edit the profiles. The edit button would show up but you it would not open the edit menu. Every single sound on the handset was wiped out. So through the trouble shooting process I figured out to put an mp3 on the BB through Desktop Manager and that would let me edit the phone option in the edit screen.

    However I still can not get in to edit the options for messages and SMS.

    Are the notification noises supposed to go in a different folder in the directory that is separate from ringtones? Are notification noises a differnt file type? If anyone can go and look at their file directory and tell me what should be there and what should go where I think I can rebuild this thing manually.

    Jsut as a note I am running platform on Telus.
    I have wiped out the handset and tried to do updates but the desktop manager program says it is up to date.

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    Ringtones and notifications are usually the same format, unless you download them in a different format, and are keep in the same directory, try to install a new os on the phone.
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    Hi This is my issue, I had a BB Pearl 8100 from ATT, then switched to IPHONE(was drawn in to the touch screen), but then missed my BB and features that aren't available on IPHONE.

    Now I have the BB Curve 8330 from Verizon, I love the color and the size, but the problem that has me frustrated is applying my tones and alerts. I have followed instructions were given to me in the book from Verizon, but guess what? It didn't save or work. Now I was able to do this with my Pearl, but somehow I am unable to do this with my Curve. Please! Please! Please! Help me to work this thing.

    I need a step-by-step guide please.

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    I don't remember if was released from any carriers (I don't think it was) but when I was running the beta the missing ringtones and notifications was a know issue. Several carriers have released a version of 4.5 that include the ringtones and notifications and installing one of those releases should solve your problem. Here is a link to one of the threads here on Pinstack for upgrading your OS.
    Hope this helps.

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