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Most days I have to do a reset to make my sms text messaging, to ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    8830 Reset Problem


    Most days I have to do a reset to make my sms text messaging, to check to see if my messaging works I sent myself a text message, if it does not go through I see a red X next to the message. So the other day I hit resend after a reset to test if it worked and I got the red led, and nothing happened, so I pulled the battery put back in and still the red led, so I pulled the battery again and left it out for a couple of minutes put it back in and the red led came on and eventually I got the hour glass and all was well. No sure what happened, anyone have some ideas.

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    just ask
    So what your saying is that your SMS only functions intermittently but will function once you do a hard reboot? In addition, are you saying that when you do a hard reboot that it sometimes get stuck on a constant red LED?

    I've had the same issue with the red LED but I would say that my issue stemed from me dropping my 8830 a bunch of times. I would probably say that it is not out of the ordinary for it to happen in my case. You can always try to wipe the handheld and see what happens but I don't think that it will really do anything for it. As for your messaging it could be a number of issues. What you could do is go to email settings and resend servicebooks and see if that helps. I'm assuming your 8830 is not connected to a BES?

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