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Is the only way to get this phone to add the $50 BB plan to ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    8830 questions


    Is the only way to get this phone to add the $50 BB plan to your existing plan? I always thought you could just use a regular phone plan with your BB. My bill is already $170 for a ton of minutes, 3 phones, unlimited data, etc. I'd get this phone in a heartbeat but it's $50 ($40 promo) additional per month? Is this just for the official BB mail? How would this phone work without the BB plan? I could live with just the data, but I've heard that the browser won't even work without the BB plan. Any work arounds? Any experiences? Thanks!

    Also, does the GPS work right out of the box? has the "Sprint navigation" as a $10 service, but the same service is available on non-GPS phones.

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    Re: 8830 questions

    Yeah, they got you by the, well you know where. No work arounds at all. You need the bb plan to access everything you mentioned. Basically it gets you access to the blackberry apn, which is the nexus for the push email, etc. The browser is activated by "service books" which is pushed to your phone by the provider. Without the plan, no service books, no browser, no messaging.

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    Re: 8830 questions

    zipped is correct, with out data service, it is still usable as a phone but, that is all. No Web, IM's, Email....

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