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I can't seem to get my wma files to show up in the music media ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    8830 problems using wma files in media player


    I can't seem to get my wma files to show up in the music media player folder list. I can view and play all the wma files under the show tunes location in profile edit, but not in media player. Driving me nuts! all mp4s are showing up and working fine in the media player. Any suggestions please!!!!

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    that's odd, i have all my wma's playin,..

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    Are you converting music through Windows Media Player to create the WMA files?

    Here are two potential issues:
    1) Are your WMA files DRM (protected) files? They can be protected either because you have the "Copy Protect Music" setting selected under Rip Music settings. The other DRM protection comes from purchasing and downloading purchased music online. Much music (unfortunately) that you purchase from most online vendors is still DRM protected and will not play on your BlackBerry.

    2) Your WMA settings are "beyond basic". Your BlackBerry will not play WMA files ripped in WMA Pro, Lossless, or Variable Bit Rate. These file formates are too large for the BlackBerry to process (at least that's my understanding why). So just set your Windows Media Player Rip Music Setting to simple Windows Media Audio.

    Good luck! Even if both of these solutions don't work for you, one of them is likely to solve your issue.

    P.S. I usually rip music into Windows Media Player, then allow it to find the album artwork (I have WMP 11), then I open the containing folder for that music and copy the whole folder into my BlackBerry through file explorer (normal windows). I don't use the WMP syncing because if I do the transfer through normal windows I get the album art, but if I do it through WMP then it strips the album art.

    Just my thoughts! Good luck!

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