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RIM has done its job in making the 8830 look "fashionable" I'm not sure they ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Thumbs down 8830 my read...


    RIM has done its job in making the 8830 look "fashionable" I'm not sure they really added functionality. The device does have its list of sort comings. Here I am discussing it as a tool for business, we all know that a good tool is, its very functional and comfortable to work with, but looks has very little to do with either... As a BES admin and responsible for handheld training I don't look forward to rolling out hundreds of these.
    • Verizon has crippled the advertised GPS in its 8830, its only available for 911 calling, and will not work for BlackBerry maps or Google maps
    • BBweather will not work
    • The "track-ball" may make the device more comfortable for use by lefties, but its a definite step down from the thumb wheel
    • The track-ball is not nearly as precise as the old thumb wheel often jumping up and down rows when your trying to scroll across
    • "Clicking" the track ball by depressing it is difficult due to the recessed ring its mounted in, a good thumbnail is definitely warranted
    • The keyboard smaller than that of the 8703e, but surprising larger than the 7250, but it still seems cramped and is more difficult for use on long memos. Possibly due to the shape of the keyboard that curves up at the ends instead of down as it did on earlier models, this in conjunction with the device's thinness makes you flex your thumb more to the extreme for typing
    • Vibrating and alerting is noticeably weaker even though the alerts play much louder in the media player
    • In low light conditions you have to rely on touch typing or remembering where the different number and alpha keys are. This is due to the "cool" deep blue backlight and how the back of the keys are molded, creating shadows that make it very difficult to read the number keys
    • The "Pearl" (track ball) is almost blinding in very low light levels and its brightness cannot be controlled
    • RIM included a menu with the track ball, although this "speed menu" is available sometimes by pressing the ball, nothing I need seems to be there except for cut and paste
    • There are more steps involved in sending a Pin-to-Pin message
    • Form factor of the device itself is reaching the limit of comfortable use although "thin is in" its my opinion that the 8803 is too thin for a comfortable tool
    • "...just remove and replace the battery to reset..." Ha! It is not at all an easy task to remove the battery door from a new unit, unless of course it drops on a terrazzo floor...
    • Modifying profiles has become a more challenging task, you need to go into the off screen advanced section, then grab the menu and select menu and Edit, general users will never make changes or get lost doing so
    • Opening a Memo Pad item slams you into edit mode, which is not a good thing if you use these notes for reference or long term storage
    On the Plus side...
    • The spell checker is nice, but very poorly documented
    • Voice dialing is a very nice feature if calling from the car, although back round makes it very inaccurate.
    • RIM has put the compose feature back in the main screen, which was removed from the 4.1.x software
    • RIM has put the dial by name feature back in the phone applet, which was removed from the 4.1.x software
    • Looks slick
    I think I'll keep my 8703e.

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    Re: 8830 my read...

    ~via BB (
    Thanks for this post

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    Re: 8830 my read...

    Interesting BrianKe11y,

    Thanks for the infomation.

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