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I have an 8830 and have had it for for a couple of months now. ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    8830 Missing Calls


    I have an 8830 and have had it for for a couple of months now. The problem that I am having is every now and then I do not get notification of phone calls, all I get is a vibrate that they left a voice mail. I then check and there are a few missed calls listed. I know that it is not the volume because I have it loud and when it rings I know it.
    This does not happen all the time just sometimes.
    Has this happened to anyone else, and if so was there a fix that you found?

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    Re: 8830 Missing Calls

    were you typing on the phone at the time of the call?
    Are you sure you had enough signal to receive a call?
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    Re: 8830 Missing Calls

    I have had that issue in the past as well, and it seems to be if you are sending an email or in my case using a third party todo list it goes straight to vmail, I dunno why!

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    Re: 8830 Missing Calls

    I've had this happen as well, but usually in places with questionable coverage. For some reason the calls don't come through, but the VM notifications have no trouble.

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    Type this in your phone #4357* and hit the send button. If you have the SW version that might be your problem. I know on Sprint BB's it caused regestration issues when phones would roam and then comeback into Sprint coverage. ie going in and out of subways and basements.

    Also if you are a heavy data user you might want to turn DDTM off. This blocks calls when you are on a data session.

    Unlike calls, VM notifications can be resent multiple times and after the VM is left. Also when your phone registers on the network it will automatically receive the VM notification.

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