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Got the 8830 a week ago and have found some limitations. Can anyone help? I ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    8830 media abilities


    Got the 8830 a week ago and have found some limitations. Can anyone help? I can sync contacts, calender etc. with pockertmac with no problem but how do I transfer media files (music and videos) . There seems to be no program to do this as blackberry desktop is for PC. Anyone having any luck with a format that works with videos? I installled a 2GB micro disk and don't know how to put anyting on it. In addition there seems to be no way to teher with a MAC even though Verizon reps think there is. Also what about GPS? No way to use that either.

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    Re: 8830 media abilities

    I have not used a mac, can you access mass storage mode and drag and drop files? I dont have a compatible BB so cant help with videos. GPS is blocked by Verizon, least Im pretty sure of that. I know Im not much of a help, but someone else will jump in Im sure.

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    Re: 8830 media abilities

    I have a MB Pro - enable mass storage as cp6169 suggested and your SD card (if installed) will be mounted. You can then move mp3s, aacs, wmas ... to the blackberry/music directory. MP3s at 128 is preferred.


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    Re: 8830 media abilities

    get a jump drive the has a SD slot in and drag all your info to it. then pull SD out and put it back into your BB

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    Re: 8830 media abilities

    I just enable mass storage and drag files to the respective folders in the Blackberry. I also use Handbrake (google it) to convert movies for my BB and it works great. If you want to try it shoot me a PM or email jaysimpson at gmail dot com and I will give you the settings you need for the videos to play. A 2hr movie is usually around 600 mb give or take 20-30mb. It looks and sounds great too!! I have a 2gb card and put a little music on it and add a couple of movies and I am set.

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    Re: 8830 media abilities

    Handbrake is great for Mac users. Video format is mp4. Set screen to 320X240 when you encode and you'll save a bunch of flash. MP3 for music

    I haven't found an application that will convert wmv to mp4 on the Mac, so I use my PC and the RIM DT software for that (do you have Parallels or Bootcamp? If so, look into that as well, the PC tools come with Roxio Media Center, which does a great job). I haven't looked at iTunes for video, but it may work as well.

    And as aready stated, enable mass media support and drag and drop from your desktop to the BlackBerry/videos or ~/music directory and media player will pick them right up.

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    Re: 8830 media abilities

    I've used handbrake also and I would endorse it.

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