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I recently bought a blackberry 8830, sprinter on ebay. I am not in the USA.? ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Question 8830 in a foreign country - bought on ebay


    I recently bought a blackberry 8830, sprinter on ebay. I am not in the USA.?

    although the piece has a sim card slot, when i put my local sim card it will not recognise it. besides, it still shows the number of the original owner. what should i do.

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    sorry no
    Ok that is something that in a way happened to me.You need to get ahold of blackberry service and explain it to them.They have to reset a bb when a new owner goes to use it.I got my bb here in Oregon,USA and had a very simular problem.I got the previous owners email and it would not let me do anything to change it.It turned out that my bb was still in the other guys name as far as bb service was concerned.A call by my cell service and a bit of my own info and it was fixed.This bb curve is that same bb that I'm talking about.
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    This actually is more of a situation of needing to unlock the 8830. I would also make sure that your country and carrier uses 900/1800 for it's network. As for the previous owner's info, doing a wipe of the phone should remove his number from it. Hopefully they removed the unit from Sprint's BIS prior to selling you the unit. If not, you will need to get Sprint to do that prior to you being able to use the data side.


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