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I am on my FOURTH 8830. Here is what happens. (It has happened on every ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    8830 Doesn't Connect When Dialing


    I am on my FOURTH 8830.

    Here is what happens. (It has happened on every Blackberry I have ever had, including 4 7130E's prior to getting the 8830....)

    I dial a number. The device says "Calling [person]"...

    and that's where the story ends.

    It will stay on that screen until I press the end key. The radio is turned ON. There is FULL SIGNAL. It does this whether I have 3rd party app's installed or not. (I have done a handheld wipe MANY times)

    The only workaround is to turn the radio OFF, and then turn it back ON. And here's the real kicker: after I turn radio off and then back on, once I place a call, when that first call ends, the radio turns off again.

    Does ANYONE have a solution? I believe I have given all of the information required... I am running 4.2. My carrier is Verizon. They have done HOURS of troubleshooting with me, replaced my device now a total of EIGHT times (4 7130's and 4 8830's)



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    Re: 8830 Doesn't Connect When Dialing

    john ... has your account ever been re-provisioned? could it possibly be an account issue? is it coverage perhaps? geez what horrible luck .. does it happen ALL the time, or just randomly?

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