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Here outside Atlanta the coverage is pretty much a wash so that part wasn't such ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Re: 8830 and the 8300 tough decision.


    Here outside Atlanta the coverage is pretty much a wash so that part wasn't such an issue for me. I tried TMO too but they didn't cut it. Sad part is I have 5 phones with Verizon on the family plan with about 1 year on the contract, I would have preferred to stay on, however what finally galled me is the fact that they continually insist on feature crippling their phones. I know all carriers do it to some extent but in this case when I finally settled on the 8800 with ATT the ringers work like they should, none of the volume issues I had with the 8830 and the GPS works, I don't have to pay to buy soemthing like VZ nav to get to it, I can buy that program on Handango and pay once, not monthly. Now in all fairness to VZ they may unlock the GPS at some point, but to pay for the phone, get locked into an agreement and then find out otherwise, no way, been there, done that, thired of getting screwed.

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    Re: 8830 and the 8300 tough decision.

    To each his own! But I got to go with the Curve. The keypad rocks. Although I will admit that I do think that the Curve doesn't feel as sturdy as the Pearl that I owned, or the 8800 that I looked at.

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    Re: 8830 and the 8300 tough decision.

    Just got done with my own little 8830 and 8300 test. My contract was up with Verizon and I loathe them so I figured I would give the 8300 a try. Coming from a Q to my first BB (3rd "smart" phone) I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was instantly hooked. The BB just does the little things so much better on the messaging side it isn't even funny.

    I absolutely love the Curve. I couldn't believe how big it makes the 8830 feel, yet the keypad, to me, is better and the screen is the same size. Fits much better in the hand, noticably lighter, and more comfortable up to the ear. Unfortunatley, for me, voice means just as much as data, and around here AT&T just doesn't cut it. In my two week trial I had a couple of dropped calls, and many, many coversations that broke up. Even with all that, as much as I hate Verizon and their policies, I still thought very strongly about porting but decided to give the 8830 a test just to make sure. Wasn't even close. Call quality blew the 8300 out of the water. So, begrudginly, I headed back to the AT&T store to return the Curve and cancel my account rather than port over.

    Had the call quality even been in the ballpark I would have kept the Curve and told Verizon to bugger I will just wait patiently until the summer of 2009 when Verizon finally releases the Curve for their network and ATT has the Curve 3.0.

    If you are in an area where ATT and Verizon's coverage are similar, I would reccomend the Curve all day long...but as far as I am concerend it all comes down to coverage. Wish ATT's was better here!


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    Re: 8830 and the 8300 tough decision.

    With me, I had already made the decision to stick with AT&T, because their coverage in my area is awesome, I'm very pleased with their customer service, and I get an awesome deal by staying on my parents' family plan. So I had it narrowed down to the AT&T 8800 or 8300. It wasn't a very difficult decision for me. I liked the 8300's keypad style better than the 8800's. The 8800 doesn't have a built-in camera, which I love having for those moments when I don't have my regular digital camera on me. And the 8300 has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which the 8800 does not, and I wanted to start using a smart phone as my main media player, because I dislike carrying around a phone AND an MP3 player. And while the 8800 has built-in GPS and the 8300 does not, I recently bought a great Garmin GPS navigator anyway, so having GPS built-in to my smart phone wasn't important. So I personally decided on the 8300, and so far I haven't regretted it.

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