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Okay... So I took my phone to a mobile store to get a new one ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    Okay... So I took my phone to a mobile store to get a new one because it had tons of scratches. I have insurance so they just ordered me a new one and I didn't have to pay the $50 or send it in for whatever reason.
    My new phone sucks! I get very poor service. I get 2 service bars while outside! You think this is because they maybe gave me a refurbished phone? If so, is there a way to check if it's refurbished? Or some setting I can change to maybe get better service? I called the store and ordered a new one, but what if this happens again on the new phone?

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    It may have been just in need of an update to the OS.

    But the store should make sure of that as part of your activation/replacement, it should be free with the insurance for them to do so anyways. Request they check it to make sure, just in case you don't know it should be OS If they can't update it because they don't have the equipment (you don't say what kind of store you went to) they should be able to guide you to the nearest sprint service center rated mobile store.

    Although I have never seen a refurbished Blackberry to tell you about, from my experience with other electronics it should have a 'refurbished' sticker in the battery area in the unit itself. IMHO if I were to get mine replaced thru insurance I would prefer to get a refurb, as long as it looks new, since they are supposed to pass quality control, instead of risking getting a 'new' one that may be one of the 30 day returned units that showed no reason to get the refurb treatment. But that is just my opinion, the insurance EULA pretty much says you will be getting a refurb, some luck out and get a brand new one in box and all accessories.

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    You can also update your prl which can enhance service. Call *2 and ask them to do a prl update. Updating your software is an excellent idea as well, however it can be done at home if you want. Good luck with your phone.

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