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Is there a 4.3 OS for the 8830? I am running the 4.2 but my ... BlackBerry 8830 forum

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    4.3 for the 8830?


    Is there a 4.3 OS for the 8830? I am running the 4.2 but my wife has a new Pearl that has the 4.3. It has a lot of little features that I do not have. A great example is when she scrolls to an email address in the header, a window pops up and show the true email address. I have many contacts with multiple emails and I am always having to go and do a show address to see which one they are using.


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    I guess OS 4.3 is not available for the 8830 yet

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    4.3 is not out for the 8830 series yet. I'm sure it will be in time but they'll release it on new devices to get you to upgrade and then it will start trickling down to the other devices in the 81xx, 83xx, 88xx series.
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