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hey everyone ... well its my first time here ... i am 26 M i ... International Stackers forum

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    hey everyone ...

    well its my first time here ... i am 26 M

    i got BB Bold ... BOLD is freaking AWSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME .. i love it .. but .. i don’t have enough useful applications .. i don’t know where to get .. i research ... but most of them are demo ... beside .. some of the applications .doesn’t work correctly .."zip.or exe" i don’t know how can i install the application ..

    i hope to get an answer ..and again ... I AM NEW in BB world ...

    p.s .. anyone wanna to talk you can see my pin ..ADD me ... but plzzzz NO FREAKS :S
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    Welcome to the forum codename Most blackberrys, now, come with BB app store already installed and these apps are downloaded right from your blackberry over-the-air (OTA). Then there are websites such as and of course there is always the app store here at pinstack along with many free downloads i.e themes, and walllpaper. Once again, welcome aboard.

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    Cool cool, welcome to the stacks, may your stay be calm yeah its dorky I know
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    Welcome to the stacks! Glad to have ya....
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    Welcome to Pinstack. There are a lot of great apps out there. Another site to check for apps is They have some nice apps and I'll say some of my favorites are all by Bellshare. Gotta love BerryBuzz and BerryPopup. Keep an eye out for beta tests of apps and join in the testing fun. Glad to have more stackers!
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    There are a lot of ota aps on you can go to right on you blackberry web browser. Also is an awesome 3rd party web browser, the real internet, ota apps or jad files are the ones you can do directly on your phone. The exe files you have to download to your home computer or laptop and use the blackberry desktop manager to install them, make sure you extract the files after you download them before you install them with bb desktop manager or they will not work. here is my pin if you need any help or just wanna chat

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