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Originally Posted by phatmanxxl I went today just to find out my name was nowhere ... US & Canadian Stackers forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by phatmanxxl View Post
    I went today just to find out my name was nowhere to be found on the regitration lists! Its wierd since I have been voting at the same location for the past 10 years, do you think its because I typically vote republican? Well I had to vote on a provisional ballot and there were people outside making phone calls about not being on the lists also. Can we say fraud? Btw I'm in illinois. In such a left leaning state I'm suprised this was going on.
    WoW, after reading about your experience and that of another stacker I was under the impression that this was a typical experience of Florida voters. That is until you said you're an Illinois voter. That's unfortunate to hear, not to gloat, but there weren't any people that I saw that occur with in DuPage county where I am.

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    I don't think everyone should vote. especially the people just voting because he's "black". Don't encourage the main majority of people to vote. The main majority of people don't know what they are talking about. If they vote it makes for a bad outcome. IF YOU ARE UNEDUCATED DO NOT VOTE!!

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