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hi i am new to the forum.. how can i download the bb apps?... US & Canadian Stackers forum

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    how to download apps?


    hi i am new to the forum..
    how can i download the bb apps?

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    first... WELCOME TO PINSTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

    some apps are available OTA (over the air) and you can enter the web address for these apps into your blackberry browser and have them download straight to your phone and have them install themselves.
    you can download the DM files (Desktop Manager files) those usually come in a .zip or .rar file (you will need a compression utility such as izarc) after you have extracted the files from the .zip or .rar you can go through Desktop Manager and load the .alx file through application loader.

    make sure you get the files for your operating system and your current device... are there any apps in particular you are looking to load to you berry?
    themes or anything like that?
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    Check out this list of apps, it's a great place to start, many are OTA like luc mentioned.
    Twitter? My Apps List

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    And you can do app world if you wanna search thru there. Many of th them are OTA too. some are free and some are trials.

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