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A few days ago, I switched my yahoo/sbcglobal mail to the beta. I ended up ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Question Yahoo Mail Beta and Two Way Sync


    A few days ago, I switched my yahoo/sbcglobal mail to the beta. I ended up switching it back that night, because I noticed the two way sync didn't work with it. I also, noticed a delay in receiving any emails on that account too. None of the regular "fixes" worked, so I switched it back. Even after switching back, I still have the same problems.

    Today, I noticed that when "hovering" over an email the URL that shows up on the bottom left of IE-7 still indicated that I was still using the beta version of Yahoo mail. Is beta the root of the problem? I'm 99.9999% sure it is.

    I tried searching their knowledge base, found nothing. I tried getting some live help via chat, they were just as clueless as a first line CSR at AT&T (no offense to anyone is intended). The Yahoo rep kept trying to convince me that it was a BlackBerry issue, and that I needed to contact them. I tried for like 30 minutes to explain that all I wanted was for my account to fully switch back to the original version of Yahoo mail. She just couldn't seem to grasp the concept.

    Has anyone else encountered these problems with Yahoo Mail Beta?

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    Re: Yahoo Mail Beta and Two Way Sync

    ~via BB ( No problems that I have noticed.

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    Re: Yahoo Mail Beta and Two Way Sync

    No probs here
    ~via BB (

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