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What is pushed content and should I delete it?... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    what's pushed content?


    What is pushed content and should I delete it?

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    Re: what's pushed content?

    Pushed content is just that, content that is "pushed" to your BB such as weather content. You can keep or delete it, but deleting it will not completely remove it, it will just get "pushed" back again later. You will need to go back to where you subscribed to the content, unsubscribe, and then delete the pushed content from the BB. You will also need to delete your browser cache and reboot (battery pull) your BB.

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    Re: what's pushed content?

    now here would be a great chance for someone to develop a new program to do all this in one step...somehow. just a program to dload that stores all your pushed content in it,then if you want to delete, say, weather alerts or a pushed email account you no longer use, you can go into this program and just tell it to delete and it would simulate doing all these would send info to the website saying you want to cancel the push,delete your cache and reboot all in one step.
    AND, i even have a name for it.......drumroll please....

    PUSH BACK !! ha

    i know i know...ill be here all week, thanks!
    (now if there is a program like this out there, im going to feel real dumb''er)

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